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: Back, kind off..
: plexat December 04, 2012, 09:49:33 AM
Heya all,

Decided to sign-up last sunday. Not expecting to get an invite but i did. Although dps was on the low it think I did my share. Got a whisp from Dre "You want the lifekeeps gloves" so I got them from the ah (thx for leg-enchant). I also checked for the relic of yu'lon but price is ridiculously high so that has to wait (bid on them tho - got them tonight maybe)

From now on I will sign-on (with Injenyixia, elemental shaman) regularly (not sure if i can make it tonight - we got a dutch version of "boxing day" tonight with the kids)

Still got one big handicap: don't have a good item to equip the headslot. Heroic dungeons will not drop anything and getting the valor head from shado-pan seems lifetime any. Getting rep with Golden Lotus > Shadow Pan seems like a full-time job these days

laterz - Plex.