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Author Topic: Application Jamers - level 100 Human Monk  (Read 1085 times)

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Application Jamers - level 100 Human Monk
« on: June 20, 2016, 07:45:32 PM »
== Application Form of Jamers==

Character Info:

Name: Jamers
Level: 100
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Main Spec: Windwalker
Off Spec: Brewmaster

Old name / realm

Characters old name:
Characters old realm:

Old guild(s)

Requiem and I left because the guild was inactive as only 4 or 5 people play nowadays and they don't raid anymore and it is just now a small social guild with a little to do.


Human Warrior - 100
Night elf Druid - 100
Human Priest - 91
Then a few alts in the process of leveling.


Profession 1: Leatherworking - 6
Profession 2: Skinning - 191

World of Warcraft Playtime

Since 14/08/2013


I raided heroic SoO only twice and did normal SoO multiple times on a variety of characters, I also did most of Pandaria in normal difficulty using the pre-made group tool and meeting a few people that would invite each week for the raid. I also have done all the lfr for the current raids and have a few bosses down for normal diffiiculty, as I stopped playing at he beginning of WoD but decided to come back recently.


Willing to use Omen: yes
Willing to use Deadly Boss Mods / Bigwigs: yes
Willing to use Ventrilo: yes

Reason if not willing to use:

Personal Info

Age: 15
Country: England.

My online days/times:
3-4 days I can be on almost all day, as I have 3 months off from school and 1 day at the weekend. I normally stop playing at about 10.30pm GMT.


Recommended by:
Yes, Tommy/SwagMoney/Bilboswaggins, not sure which character he plays on in the guild.

I want to join The Imperium because:
Looking for a new guild with good people and potentially look at raiding with the guild in the future when I am better geared and more experienced as I want to do more exciting things in wow other than just lfr and pugs. I would also like to find a place to start my hardcore raiding with a guild and carry on into Legion. Also I enjoy pvp but very casually but wouldn't mind trying to learn how to get better it and find people to do arena's and bg's with.

The role I hope to get with this application is:
Not a particular reason. I'm a very social member.


My qualities are:
I think that some of my qualities are that I have a good sense of humor and i think i am a friendly and approachable character who is always happy to help and talk. I try and never fall out with people and always try to be friendly. Also i have level 700 cooking so i'll be in the kitchen whenever I'm needed :p.

I chose my class because:
When the monk was first announced I was very excited about the idea of a "kung-fu" style class, and then I saw how fun they looked with the kicks and their high mobility. Also the fact that they can play all the types (DPS, healer and tank) made the class look very interesting and can be played in a variety of styles making it a overall good class as 1 spec can provide good tanky-ness and healing while still doing great damage.

My class weakness is:
Some of the weakness are the lack of long range damage, of course because they are melee. Also their single target damage is not the best in the game right now, however talents can change how much we do vs multiple targets or just one. Also

My class strength is:
They have amazing mobility and lots of cc useful for adds. They also can have great burst if correctly talented. In my opinion they have one of the top Aoe damages of all classes. They are great in a raid for the cc used on adds and can get around very well to the varies objectives.

Would i reroll my class again?:
Yes, I love my monk and don't find any other class as fun to play.

Other Info

Other applications: no

Added comment:
Thanks for reading. ;) Also i'm a bit behind on my gear and my legendary ring but I'm getting gear fairly quickly atm.

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In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. - A legend.

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Re: Application Jamers - level 100 Human Monk
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2016, 02:06:14 PM »
Hello Jamers,

I really enjoyed reading you application, I'm confident that you'll easily fit in with the Imperium. Ontop of that you already know Slam. I'm looking to get a small HFC team together before Legion, so if you want to get into guild raiding let me (Rogier) know.
Now you can try to reach me or another officer ingame, and we'll get you an invite.