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Author Topic: Application Spongie - level 11 Human Warrior  (Read 970 times)

Offline Spongie

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Application Spongie - level 11 Human Warrior
« on: February 27, 2017, 07:15:28 PM »
== Application Form of Spongie==

Character Info:

Name: Spongie
Level: 11
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Main Spec: Protection
Off Spec: Arms, willing to main this if needed

Old name / realm

Characters old name: No, N/A
Characters old realm: No, N/A

Old guild(s)

Requiem; Joined because I simply didn't have a guild and Melon recommended me to them. Now want to start properly raiding


Night Elf Demon Hunter 103


Profession 1: Blacksmithing 789
Profession 2: Mining 409

World of Warcraft Playtime



Normal & Heroic EN, everything else in LFR.


Willing to use Omen: yes
Willing to use Deadly Boss Mods / Bigwigs: yes
Willing to use Ventrilo: yes

Reason if not willing to use:

Personal Info

Age: 14
Country: Germany

My online days/times:
Basically daily around the evening.


Recommended by:

I want to join The Imperium because:
I want to start raiding seriously.

The role I hope to get with this application is:
I'm looking for a raid spot


My qualities are:
Good sense of humour, kind hearted, willing to talk a lot.

I chose my class because:

My class weakness is:
Dunno, seems pretty stable.

My class strength is:
Top DPS meters, strong tanking spec.

Would i reroll my class again?:
Considering i only have this character since I started very recently, no.

Other Info

Other applications: no

Added comment: